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Coffee with Ana (2017) 4.4

Coffee with Ana (2017)

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The son of an American coffee importer forms an unlikely bond with his Colombia counterpart. This romantic comedy follows the pairing of two 20-somethings thrown together by a business feud that may result in an even ...

A Different Kind of Christmas (TV Movie 1996) 5.6

A Different Kind of Christmas (TV Movie 1996)

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When you're the city attorney you don't need the kinds of problems that her father was giving her. After her mother died, her father began doing his "Santa Schick," as she called it, much more intensely... which meant...

18 Grams of Love (2007) 7.9

18 Grams of Love (2007)

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Two men write anonymous love letters to test if their wives are faithful. When their wives actually respond, the two men are left in a fix of what to do.

Pennies from Heaven (1981) 6.5

Pennies from Heaven (1981)

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In Chicago during the 1930s depression, sheet music salesman Arthur Parker is trying to sell his products, but it's not easy to convince unwilling music store owners to buy them. Although he's already married to the s...

Let’s Ruin It with Babies (2014) 5.3

Let’s Ruin It with Babies (2014)

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Channing has it all- a beautiful house, a rock star lifestyle, and a loving husband intent on ruining it all by knocking her up.

Juha (1999) 6.9

Juha (1999)

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A farmer's wife is seduced into running away from her stolid older husband by a city slicker, who enslaves her in a brothel.

The Waterdance (1992) 6.7

The Waterdance (1992)

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A film about struggling to deal with paralysis. Author Joel Garcia breaks his neck while hiking, and finds himself in a rehabilitation centre with Raymond, an exaggerating ladies' man, and Bloss, a racist biker. Consi...

The Man Without a Past (2002) 7.7

The Man Without a Past (2002)

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The second part of Aki Kaurismäki's "Finland" trilogy, the film follows a man who arrives in Helsinki and gets beaten up so severely he develops amnesia. Unable to remember his name or anything from his past life, he ...

The Farmer Takes a Wife (1935) 6.4

The Farmer Takes a Wife (1935)

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Charming love story set on the Erie Canal in the mid-19th Century. A farmer works on the canal to earn money to buy a farm. He meets a cook on a canal boat, but she can't even consider leaving the exciting life on the...

Ariel (1988) 7.5

Ariel (1988)

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The movie tells the story of Taisto Kasurinen, a finnish coal miner whose father has just committed suicide and who is framed for a crime he did not commit. In jail, he starts to dream about leaving the country and st...

Brazilian Western (2013) 6.6

Brazilian Western (2013)

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Brazilian Western is an adaptation of the eponymous song by Renato Russo a famous Brazilian singer and composer who in the style of Bob Dylan knew how to delight crowds by telling stories and singing with his lyrics T...

Fanatics (2012) 6.2

Fanatics (2012)

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A buddy comedy about a fanatic small town football supporter who falls in love with a perfect girl, only to notice that his dream-girl supports the wrong football team. Now he has to befriend the enemy or forget the g...

Tanna (2015) 6.9

Tanna (2015)

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Set on a remote Pacific island, covered in rain forest and dominated by an active volcano, this heartfelt story, enacted by the Yakel tribe, tells of a sister's loyalty, a forbidden love affair and the pact between th...

Get Well Soon (2001) 5.2

Get Well Soon (2001)

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Wildly popular TV talk show host Bobby Bishop has a nervous breakdown during an on-camera interview with a pop starlet, with whom he makes a rather crude observation and offer. This lapse of taste sets off a series of...

Spin, Shoot & Run (2003) 5.3

Spin, Shoot & Run (2003)

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The sun is setting and we see Dave, an artist, at the Laundromat. Fretting over his wife's ticking clock, Dave happens upon Ruby, a tempestuous beauty on the run with a mean-looking baby on her arm while toting a gun....

Not Another Happy Ending (2013) 6.2

Not Another Happy Ending (2013)

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When a struggling publisher discovers his only successful author is blocked he knows he has to unblock her or he's finished. With her newfound success, she's become too damn happy and she can't write when she's happy....

Where the Heart Is (2000) 6.8

Where the Heart Is (2000)

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Novalee Nation is a pregnant 17-year-old from Tennessee heading to California with her boyfriend Willie Jack, but is abandoned by him at a Wal-Mart store in Sequoyah, Oklahoma. Novalee has no job, no skills and only $...

A Guy Named Joe (1943) 7

A Guy Named Joe (1943)

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Maj. Pete Sandidge is a very able pilot who seems to have a streak of luck as far as flying goes. World War II is raging and Pete has come out of it pretty so far. He even has a beautiful girlfriend Dorinda Durston, h...

Tear Me Apart (2015) 4.5

Tear Me Apart (2015)

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In the barren wastelands of post-apocalyptic England, two young brothers turn to cannibalism to survive only to fall for their prey, a teenage girl - and possibly the last female left alive.

Poslednee ispytanie (2018) 3.9

Poslednee ispytanie (2018)

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A doomed love triangle, set in 1949 on the prairie of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic in present day Kazakhstan, near the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site.

Barefoot in the Park (1967) 7

Barefoot in the Park (1967)

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New Yorkers Paul Bratter and Corie Bratter née Banks have just gotten married. He is a stuffed shirt just starting his career as a lawyer. She is an independently minded free spirit who prides herself on doing the ill...

Only the Lonely (1991) 6.4

Only the Lonely (1991)

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Danny, a cop, meets and falls in love with Theresa. They get engaged, despite sneaking around behind his mother's back, but when push comes to shove, he can't quite quit worrying about his mother long enough to be any...

Sunday (2014) 6

Sunday (2014)

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Eve and Charlie are about to have a baby but they are no longer together. After years of history and months of separation they have 24 hours to find their way forward. Set in Christchurch, New Zealand one year after t...

Brother’s Day (2019) 5.6

Brother’s Day (2019)

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One day Rony meets an unexpected guest Chandy and they become very close, however, Chandy does not disclose his true identity. Over time Chandy discloses his identity and introduces his daughter Santa and a lot of une...

The Key (1958) 6.6

The Key (1958)

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During World War II, tugboats conduct what are called salvage missions, picking up disabled ships. Not well equipped with weaponry, the tugs are sitting ducks for enemy fire. As such, the crew working the tugs have pr...

Wuthering Heights (1992) 6.8

Wuthering Heights (1992)

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Heathcliff is Cathy Earnshaw's foster brother; more than that, he is her other half. When forces within and without tear them apart, Heathcliff wreaks vengeance on those he holds responsible, even into a second genera...

Cry Now (2014) 5.3

Cry Now (2014)

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Cry Now follows the electrifying sexy encounters between Vincent, a street poster artist, and Luzy, a tattoo designer. But Sofia, Vincent's obsessive ex-girlfriend, is not ready to let go.

Undateable John (2019)

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A slacker surf instructor, who's on and off the wagon, gets his life together when he falls for a beautiful but troubled young woman he meets in Alcoholics Anonymous. A Romantic Dramedy.

Wuff (2018) 4.4

Wuff (2018)

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The lives of four best friends Ella, Cecile, Lulu and Silke are turned upside down, and the dogs are involved in a decisive way.

Bulworth (1998) 6.8

Bulworth (1998)

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Senator Jay Bulworth is facing speculation-induced financial ruin, so he puts out a contract on his own life in order to collect a large, new insurance policy for his family. Living each moment on borrowed time, he su...

Somebody Up There Likes Me (2012) 5.8

Somebody Up There Likes Me (2012)

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A comedy about a man, his best friend, and the woman they both adore watching their lives fly by.

Daybreak (TV Movie 1993) 5

Daybreak (TV Movie 1993)

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Drama based on Alan Bowne's play Beirut, takes place in the decrepit New York City of the near future, controlled by a fascistic government. Written by Harun Mehmedinovic <[email protected]>