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Ford v Ferrari (2019) 8.3

Ford v Ferrari (2019)

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American car designer Carroll Shelby and driver Ken Miles battle corporate interference, the laws of physics and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford and challenge Ferrari at the 24 Hou...

House Arrest (2019) 6

House Arrest (2019)

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Karan may want to shut the door on the world but the world won't stop ringing his doorbell. Who will he let in?

Khamiyaza: Journey of a Common Man (2019) 5.1

Khamiyaza: Journey of a Common Man (2019)

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Khamiyaza is story of a common man Abhimanyu who dares to save a life of a social worker Satya Prakash without knowing that Satya Prakash is on Mantri's target.. so in return Abhimanyu sacrifices his own life for his ...

Clarence Clemons: Who Do I Think I Am? (2019) 6.8

Clarence Clemons: Who Do I Think I Am? (2019)

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Highlights the life of the E Street band member while also showing another side not many saw when he was away from stage lights. It's an intimate portrait of a man who searched for enlightenment at the unknowingly fin...

We Gotta Get Out of Here (2019) 6.4

We Gotta Get Out of Here (2019)

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We Gotta Get Out Of Here is a feature length documentary that chronicles the journeys of five youth struggling to beat the odds as they navigate their way out of the foster care system in Los Angeles. The movie focuse...

I Know You (2019)

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It's just not a story of gost it's the story of ghost who can never die. The tagline of the film itself explains that gost does not live in different world they live in our world only but they meet only to whom they w...

Lost and Found (2019)

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A brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing and violence perpetrated by the Myanmar military, has driven more than 700,000 Rohingya from their homes, separating thousands of families from loved ones along the way. Lost And ...

The Nightcrawlers (2019)

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With unprecedented access, The Nightcrawlers is an unflinching exposé of Filipino President Duterte's war on drugs, in which some claim over 20,000 people have been killed. RL, a former staff photographer for a promin...

Regionrat (2019) 6.7

Regionrat (2019)

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After six months in modern Seattle, Ray, broke and lonely, decides to return to the Region, his depressed hometown, to finish his High School senior year. Once at home he quickly reconnects with old friends, and old h...

El sendero de la anaconda (2019) 7.2

El sendero de la anaconda (2019)

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This Is Not Berlin (2019) 6.6

This Is Not Berlin (2019)

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Seventeen-year-old Carlos doesn't fit in anywhere, not in his family nor with the friends he has chosen in school. But everything changes when he is invited to a mythical nightclub where he discovers the underground n...

The Shed (2019) 4.3

The Shed (2019)

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Stan lives with his abusive grandfather and tries to protect his best friend from high school bullies. When he discovers a murderous creature has taken refuge inside his tool shed, he tries to battle the demon alone u...

The Turkey Bowl (2019) 6

The Turkey Bowl (2019)

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A 30-something urbanite is pulled back to his rural hometown by his high school buddies on Thanksgiving to finish The Turkey Bowl - an epic football game against their cross town rivals that was snowed out fifteen yea...

Earthquake Bird (2019) 6

Earthquake Bird (2019)

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In 1989 Tokyo, Lucy Fly, an enigmatic expat haunted by a painful past, enters into an intense relationship with Teiji, a handsome yet similarly troubled local photographer. Lucy's imperturbable exterior begins to crac...

Radioflash (2019) 5.2

Radioflash (2019)

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When a nuclear device causes an electromagnetic pulse that kills power to more than 200 million people, a teenage girl must help lead her family to survival in a dark new world.

Line of Duty (2019) 6.1

Line of Duty (2019)

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A disgraced cop finds himself in a race against time to find a kidnap victim whose abductor he accidentally killed.

Crown Vic (2019) 6.4

Crown Vic (2019)

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CROWN VIC takes us on one memorable night in the life of veteran patrol officer Ray Mandel and his trainee, ambitious rookie cop Nick Holland in LAPD's Olympic Division. With two cop killers on the loose and hunting f...

Klaus (2019) 8.5

Klaus (2019)

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When Jesper (Jason Schwartzman) distinguishes himself as the postal academy's worst student, he is stationed on a frozen island above the Arctic Circle, where the feuding locals hardly exchange words let alone letters...

Feast of the Seven Fishes (2019) 7.3

Feast of the Seven Fishes (2019)

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December 23, 1983: Just days before Christmas, the Oliverio family readies their Feast of the Seven Fishes, an Italian tradition stretching back to the old country of Calabria. Amidst the preparations, Tony Oliverio, ...

Cubby (2019) 6.5

Cubby (2019)

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A 26 year-old from the Midwest moves to New York City to find hope and self-discipline through his friendship with a precocious six year old and the adult superhero Leather-Man, who is conjured from a psychedelic cupc...

Night Sweats (2019) 4.7

Night Sweats (2019)

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A skateboarder investigating the mysterious death of his roommate is led into the inner workings of a self-help company, and the pharmaceutical lab behind it.

To Be of Service (2019) 5.6

To Be of Service (2019)

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A documentary film about veterans with PTSD who find that, after other treatments fall short, a service dog helps them return to an independent feeling life.

The Driver (2019)

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In a zombie apocalypse, one man desperately tries to keep his family alive.

Enrico Piaggio – Vespa (TV Movie 2019) 7.9

Enrico Piaggio – Vespa (TV Movie 2019)

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The life of Enrico Piaggio and the story of the most famous scooter in the world "VESPA"

Zhara (2019) 3.3

Zhara (2019)

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Deerskin (2019) 6.9

Deerskin (2019)

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A man's obsession with his designer deerskin jacket causes him to blow his life savings and turn to crime.

Noelle (2019) 6.8

Noelle (2019)

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Santa's daughter finds herself having to take over the family business.

Very Ralph (2019) 6.7

Very Ralph (2019)

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A documentary about the origin and the up growth of the fashion label Ralph Lauren

Alien Artifacts: The Lost World (Video 2019)

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The shocking existence and unexplained origins of artifacts that are so technologically advanced they have mystified scientists and researchers for decades. They defy comprehension and contradict all we have been told...

Lady and the Tramp (2019) 7

Lady and the Tramp (2019)

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CGI and live-action re-imagining of the 1955 Disney classic.

The Cabin Guard (TV Movie 2019)

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This Bengali film that describes the journey of a man - from anger to murders. Where will the bloody journey end?

Midway (2019) 6.9

Midway (2019)

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MIDWAY centers on the Battle of Midway, a clash between the American fleet and the Imperial Japanese Navy which marked a pivotal turning point in the Pacific Theater during WWII. The film, based on the real-life event...

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