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Artificial Paradises (2012)

Artificial Paradises (2012)

Released: 2012
Genre: drama, Movie
Director: Marcos Prado
Starring: Lívia de Bueno, Luca Bianchi, Nathalia Dill,,
Run time: 96 min
IMDb: 6.4/10
Country: Brazil


Lara and Erika who is an international DJ are lesbian friends. During a festival where Erika is working, they meet Nando and, together, they live an intense moment. However, soon after the trio splits up. Years after Erika and Nando are reunited in Amsterdam, where he travels with his friend Patrick.Here he falls in love with Nando. But just she remembers the real motive why they moved away shortly after they met, years before.
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User Reviews: Today, Nathalia Dill (DJ Érika) is one of the top actresses in the country, invariably in the trendings. Fame & Fortune. Then people wonder when they will make "Artificial Paradises – Part 2" to enjoy a little caron in their aura of good energies. I’ve heard someone giving such a suggestion out there in the online forums of movie buffs (where bullshit ends in death duels). But why would they do a second movie ?! There is no reason. The heroic journeys were closed and the theme is not exactly that of one of those Paulo Gustavo style comedies that can recycle jokes from year to year to continue being blockbuster. Dramas at Brazilian Cinema are more to flop than hit. Minimum installment is captivated and interested. "Artificial Paradises" may not be a pearl like "Central Station", our cinematic jabuticaba, but it is not a total misfortune to be burned in the public square. There is something that can trap the viewer, even if it is only the sex scenes of the trio of protagonists, since the nudity convince the public to give a chance to the plot even if it is lousy, or the unpleasant consequences of the exaggeration in drugs (bad trips they have an end).