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Brendan Schaub: You’d Be Surprised (TV Movie 2019)

Brendan Schaub: You’d Be Surprised (TV Movie 2019)

Released: 2019
Genre: comedy, Movie
Director: Jay Lafayette
Starring: ,
Run time: 65 min
IMDb: 2.7/10


A modern-day renaissance man, Schaub is a former footballer, retired MMA fighter and current podcast host. Now, he adds another achievement to his resume. He takes to the stage to tell his tales in his first-ever stand-up comedy special.
User Reviews: I don’t really wanna rip on someones comedy routine, but this was really bad.
I’ve never seen any of this guys stuff before but I try to watch as much stand up as i can.
This is just really basic open mic level comedy. He doesn’t even have punchlines for many of his Jokes.
What was with the Asian Jamal thing? Then making a joke about math cuz he’s Asian? Brutal.
Comedy has really fallen off when someone like this gets a Special.


Public on May 19, 2019