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Girl/Girl Scene (2019)

Girl/Girl Scene (2019)

Released: 2019
Genre: comedy, drama, Movie, romance
Director: Tucky Williams
Starring: Amanda K. Morales, Maya Jamner, Tucky Williams,,
Run time: 122 min
IMDb: 2.1/10
Country: USA


Gay girls just want to have fun. Join bad girl Evan, blonde bombshell Bridget, party girl Ryan and their friends as they live and love as young lesbians living in a not so modern world.
User Reviews: To the only other reviewer…how can you not love this film?! Your telling me that their joke about how you should learn to french kiss at 13 wasn’t hilarious? Haha….First review was absolutely correct. This movie wasn’t even worth a so bad its funny laugh. You can tell they are trying to be funny, but I can honestly say Ive never seen something this NOT funny. Its kind of hard to explain, but it’s about as funny as a CNN broadcast about foreign trade policy. Whoever wrote, fimed and funded this movie needs to get taken out back to go by the way of Old Yeller.

I am not going to lie….I put this on with the expectation of it being so bad its funny. Also it seemed worth a watch because….lesbians. My life is complete because my dreams have been filled and then some! No nudity to speak of, it was horrendously unfunny, and had zero redeeming qualities.

To sum up…the best way to picture this movie is soft core porn on late night Cinemax. Acting wise and story that is. It is much much more unfunny, a little worse as far as camera work, surprisingly the same music, no nudity, and about the same quality looks with actresses (albeit worse actresses than their Cinemax counterparts). So I probably owe Cinemax an apology. I always make fun of the story, acting and quality of a low budget soft core, but clearly they are far from the worst. Stay far away, and hope that the writer and director get their computer/camera taken away in shame!