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Ringu 0 (2000)

Ringu 0 (2000)

Released: 2000
Genre: horror, Movie, thriller
Director: Norio Tsuruta
Starring: Kumiko Asô, Seiichi Tanabe, Yukie Nakama,,
Run time: 99 min
IMDb: 6.1/10
Country: Japan


The prequel to the horror film Ringu, this movie provides the background story of how Sadako later became the vengeful murdering spirit. The story starts with her as a shy, somewhat withdrawn, college student who nonetheless gets involved in a drama club. The director thinks she has talent, but some of the other performers start to get jealous of the attention he gives her. Meanwhile, a reporter investigating Sadako’s spiritualist mother thinks there’s something very suspicious about the young woman, and arrives on campus to confront Sadako just as a series of strange deaths start sweeping through the drama club.
Written by
Jean-Marc Rocher <>
User Reviews: A great prequel to the Ringu series. In this film we see the human side of Sadako before her death & the cruel attitude of others towards her. By the end of the film you feel sorry for Sadako & not her victims. I enjoyed this more than the original film, in many ways this film follows a more traditional story structure than the original.