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Silent Rage (1982)

Silent Rage (1982)

Released: 1982
Genre: action, crime, horror, Movie
Director: Michael Miller
Starring: Steven Keats, Ron Silver, Chuck Norris,,
Run time: 103 min
IMDb: 5.5/10
Country: USA


Dan Stevens is the sheriff of a small Texas town who checks out a disturbance which turns to murder. The killer is still in the house and he tries to kill Dan, but Dan stops him and arrests him. The killer attempts to flee, but is shot and killed and is taken to a medical institute. Three doctors, led by Dr. Philip Spires, operate on the killer and using a formula the doctors made, they bring him back to life. If that’s not bad enough, the formula also made the killer indestructible. Dr. Tom Halman tries to stop the killer, but he and his wife are killed. After the two remaining doctors are killed, the killer goes after Dr. Halman’s sister Alison, and it’s up to Sheriff Dan Stevens to stop him.
User Reviews: It could be argued that this movie ripped off Halloween, and I’d have to agree, but at least there’s an explanation behind the seemingly indestructible nature of the killer in this movie.

The bulk of this movie is hard to watch. Too much of Norris trying to act and not enough of the fighting that made him famous. Chuck’s deputy sidekick is one unfunny joke after another. The love scenes were awkward. I didn’t even enjoy the gratuitous Norris vs. bikers fight.

The killer’s scenes, on the other hand, were mesmerizing. The movie starts with his failed struggle to maintain his sanity. We witness his descent into madness and homicidal rage and then his transformation into one of the most terrifying "monsters" I’ve ever seen on film.

Think of it as a typically bad Chuck Norris movie where the killer steals the show and makes the movie slightly better than bad. Bonus: A musical score that at moments was surprisingly effective.