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Something (2018)

Something (2018)

Released: 2018
Genre: drama, horror, Movie, mystery
Director: Stephen Portland
Starring: Joel Clark Ackerman, Jane Rowen, Michael Gazin,,
Run time: 86 min
IMDb: 4.5/10
Country: USA


A man and woman are struggling to adjust to life with their new baby. But their situation begins to unravel when they suspect a menacing stranger could be lurking, watching, even entering their home.
User Reviews: I think a lot of grown ups that has decided to break and make a child, never could fantasise the burden and fatigue bringing up a child can be. the film is the a-z indeks of worn out parents.

the acting are spot on and very realistic, and the production are darn good and very intennse on the chill factor. whats intruding the house, i shall not spoil for you, but its proper planning and very well sorted out in the plot.

so beware the shadows, pest mask and broken water heaters, they are all indirect clues to the viewer. how the twist are revealed is tragic but true and may happen to everyone, because the alarm bell rings more than twice.

youre not a fool if you dont understand this film, but when getting the key youll set things in retrospective view, its brilliant filmaking. the grumpy old man recommends this film.