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Tulpa – Perdizioni mortali (2012)

Tulpa – Perdizioni mortali (2012)

Released: 2012
Genre: horror, Movie, thriller
Director: Federico Zampaglione
Starring: Ivan Franek, Michela Cescon, Claudia Gerini,,
Run time: 84 min
IMDb: 4.7/10
Country: Italy


Lisa Boeri is a successful businesswoman obsessed with her career – on day. But on night, she is visiting private nightclub Tulpa, club where your sickest, most erotic fantasies come true.
User Reviews: For a movie which elevates itself to the level of Profondo rosso or Tenebre, I’m very surprised of the overall note of Tulpa here on IMDb. Federico Zampaglione looks to me like the glorious successor of Dario Argento in that very specific genre, he even surpasses the master somehow, succeeding to produce some of the most stylistic murders of the years 2000. And cherry on the cake : the musical score has the same effects than a hallucinogenic mushroom, providing some of the most obsessive themes ever created since Goblin’s Profondo Rosso. The principal actress is to die for and she really delivers the goods in the exchange club. Tulpa is essential for the Giallo aficionados and I strongly recommend it.