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I Became a Criminal (1947) 7.3

I Became a Criminal (1947)

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In this gritty film noir, cynical ex-RAF flyer Morgan, bored with civilian life, joins a break-in gang led by Narcy. On his first job, the getaway car crashes after killing a policeman. Morgan is framed as the driver ...

Belle (2013) 7.4

Belle (2013)

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BELLE is inspired by the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), the illegitimate mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Captain. Raised by her aristocratic great-uncle Lord Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson) and hi...

Redemption (2013) 6.2

Redemption (2013)

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Nothing can prepare a man for the horrors of war--and as Joey Smith, a damaged Special Forces deserter and now a homeless drug addict, wanders London's bustling streets in complete anonymity--an unexpected discovery w...

Hyde Park on Hudson (2012) 5.8

Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)

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In 1930s Hudson Valley, Margaret "Daisy" Suckley is reacquainted with her distant cousin, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, to help him relax at his family estate. That aid soon develops into much more as they become l...

The Object of Beauty (1991) 5.6

The Object of Beauty (1991)

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Two Americans living sumptuously abroad find their relationship challenged by an unexpected lack of finances. When Jake, a commodities broker, is unable to pay the bills (due to a dock strike that holds up a cocoa shi...

About Time (2013) 7.8

About Time (2013)

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At the age of 21, Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) discovers he can travel in time... The night after another unsatisfactory New Year party, Tim's father (Bill Nighy) tells his son that the men in his family have always ha...

Get Lucky (2013) 4.3

Get Lucky (2013)

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Brothers Lucky and Raphael have always lived on the wrong side of the law. When a "job" goes very wrong and Lucky finds himself in debt to local heavies, Sebastian and Kramer, he is forced to join his wayward brother ...

The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) 8.1

The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)

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DurinWW II, allied POWS in a Japanese internment camp are ordered to build a bridge to accommodate the Burma-Siam railway. Their instinct is to sabotage the bridge, but under the leadership of Colonel Nicholson they'r...

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006) 4.8

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

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A number of fighters are invited to DOA, an invitational martial arts contest. They travel to the tournament island by plane, until they have to jump out mid-flight with parachutes, and then have until sundown to reac...

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014) 6.2

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014)

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At the Museum of Natural History, there's a new exhibit being unveiled. Larry Daley, who manages the night exhibit where the exhibits come to life because of the Tablet of Ahkmenrah, is in charge of the presentation. ...

Lost and Found (2019)

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A brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing and violence perpetrated by the Myanmar military, has driven more than 700,000 Rohingya from their homes, separating thousands of families from loved ones along the way. Lost And ...

The Nightcrawlers (2019)

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With unprecedented access, The Nightcrawlers is an unflinching exposé of Filipino President Duterte's war on drugs, in which some claim over 20,000 people have been killed. RL, a former staff photographer for a promin...

Time Without Pity (1957) 6.8

Time Without Pity (1957)

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Alec Graham (Alec McCowen) is sentenced to death for the murder of his girlfriend Jennie Cole (Christina Lubicz), with whom he was spending the night at the flat of the parents of his friend Brian Stanford (Paul Danem...

Mechanical Monsters (2018) 7.7

Mechanical Monsters (2018)

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This extraordinary documentary poses questions that still resonate today - will the machines we build to save humanity end up replacing us or even destroying us? Historian Simon Schaffer tells the stories behind some ...

The Midnight Gang (TV Movie 2018) 6.2

The Midnight Gang (TV Movie 2018)

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The Midnight Gang follows a young boy named Tom after he's admitted to hospital following a cricket accident.

Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle (2016) 8.1

Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle (2016)

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Alan leaves behind his comfortable existence and heads north to ask whether, in this once United Kingdom, a `schasm` has formed between north and south.

Line of Duty (2019) 6.1

Line of Duty (2019)

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A disgraced cop finds himself in a race against time to find a kidnap victim whose abductor he accidentally killed.

Dead Man Walking (1995) 7.5

Dead Man Walking (1995)

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A convicted murderer on Death Row and the nun who befriends him. Through the portrayal of finely drawn characters and their interactions as the days, hours, and minutes tick down to the condemned man's execution, powe...

Don’t Knock Twice (2016) 5.1

Don’t Knock Twice (2016)

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The sculptor Jess unsuccessfully tries to retrieve the custody of her teenage daughter Chloe. During the night, Chloe and her boyfriend Danny play a prank challenging an urban legend: and they knock twice on the door ...

Fred (2018) 6.6

Fred (2018)

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A somber and intimate portrait of notorious villain Freddie Foreman, now aged 85 and seeking a catharsis from his sins.

Marvellous (TV Movie 2014) 7.9

Marvellous (TV Movie 2014)

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Neil Baldwin, born just after World War II, is considered to have learning difficulties but he has an appetite for life and, encouraged by his mother Mary, leaves his butchery job to join the circus as Nello the Clown...

Dirty Pretty Things (2002) 7.3

Dirty Pretty Things (2002)

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Okwe is an illegal Nigerian immigrant leading a hard life and struggling to survive in London's underground. He works as a hotel receptionist in the night time and as he has a doctor degree he practices some medicine,...

Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism (2015) 5.3

Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism (2015)

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This movie is about a young orphan girl who just happens to come across a hypnotizing book. She hypnotizes her way onto a London show and becomes rich and famous. But she loses her best friend due to her lack of atten...

The Spy in Black (1939) 6.9

The Spy in Black (1939)

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When a German U-Boat captain is sent on a spying mission to the North of Scotland during World War One, he finds more than he bargained for in his contact, the local schoolmistress. Written by Ian Harr...

12 Deaths of Christmas (2017) 5.1

12 Deaths of Christmas (2017)

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Based on the German Urban Legend of Frau Perchta, the Christmas Witch, who takes a child each night over the 12 days of Christmas. For the 12 days before the Christmas of 1921, children went missing near the local tow...

Nina Forever (2015) 5.6

Nina Forever (2015)

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After his girlfriend Nina dies in a car crash, Rob unsuccessfully attempts suicide. As he begins to overcome his grief, he falls in love with a co-worker, Holly. Their relationship is complicated when Nina, unable to ...

Free Fire (2016) 6.4

Free Fire (2016)

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Stevo (Sam Riley) and Bernie (Enzo Cilenti) are driving to meet two IRA members, Chris (Cillian Murphy) and Frank (Michael Smiley). On the way, Stevo tells Bernie that he was beaten up the previous day by the cousin o...

Mindhorn (2016) 6.3

Mindhorn (2016)

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Richard Thorncroft is a has-been British television actor who used to be famous in the late 1980s for playing the charismatic title character in the Isle of Man detective show Mindhorn, a character with a robotic eye ...

Chosen (2016) 5.1

Chosen (2016)

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An unassuming young lawyer leads a fight against the Nazis near the end of World War II.

Peter Pan (2003) 6.8

Peter Pan (2003)

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In stifling Edwardian London, Wendy Darling mesmerizes her brothers every night with bedtime tales of swordplay, swashbuckling, and the fearsome Captain Hook. But the children become the heroes of an even greater stor...

Two for the Road (1967) 7.5

Two for the Road (1967)

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Joanna and her architect husband, Mark Wallace have been married for a decade, and their relationship's become very rocky. As they drive from their London home to St. Tropez for the unveiling of a house Mark has desig...

Turtle: The Incredible Journey (2009) 7.1

Turtle: The Incredible Journey (2009)

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A little loggerhead turtle follows in the path of her ancestors on one of the most extraordinary journeys in the natural world. Born on a beach in Florida, she rides the Gulf Stream all the way to the frozen north and...

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