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Mad Dog Morgan (1976) 6.1

Mad Dog Morgan (1976)

Storyline:Australia in the 1850s. Daniel Morgan, like hundreds of other ex-patriots from the British Isles (he is from Ireland), has come Downunder to seek his fortune. There is a gold rush going on, and Morgan wants ...

Lake Mungo (2008) 6.2

Lake Mungo (2008)

Storyline:Sixteen-year-old ALICE PALMER drowns while swimming in the local dam. When her body is recovered and a verdict of accidental death returned, her grieving family buries her. The family then experiences a seri...

Storm Boy (2019) 6.9

Storm Boy (2019)

Storyline:A beautiful and contemporary retelling of Colin Thiele's classic Australian tale. 'Storm Boy' has grown up to be Michael Kingley, a successful retired businessman and grandfather. When Kingley starts to see ...

Jasper Jones (2017) 6.5

Jasper Jones (2017)

Storyline:JASPER JONES is a coming of age story about Charlie Bucktin, a bookish boy of 14. On the night that Jasper Jones, the town's mixed race outcast shows him the dead body of young Laura Wishart, Charlie's life ...

The Proposition (2005) 7.4

The Proposition (2005)

Storyline:Rural Australia in the late nineteenth century: Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone) and his men capture two of the three Burns brothers, Charlie (Guy Pearce) and Mike (Richard Wilson). Their gang is held responsi...

Cocaine Prison (2017) 6.9

Cocaine Prison (2017)

Storyline:From inside Bolivia's craziest prison a cocaine worker, a drug mule and his little sister reveal the countries relationship with cocaine.User Reviews: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track you...

Saved (TV Movie 2009) 5.8

Saved (TV Movie 2009)

Storyline:The advocate for a young Iranian refugee held in detention. Amir Ali claims to be an Iranian student persecuted by the government but the Department of Immigration dispute his identity. When Julia meets Amir...

Fragment (2009) 3.5

Fragment (2009)

Storyline:When LLOYD, a photographer slowly dying of a brain tumor, realises the growth killing him is breathing life into the recently dead, he uses his camera lens as the conduit to reanimation. After discovering a ...

Model Behaviour (2013) 3.4

Model Behaviour (2013)

Storyline:Jordan Rhodes is an honest detective investigating the heinous murder of a leading talent agent. As he delves into a melting pot of beauty, ego and violence, the stakes are raised when the killer distributes...

Lady Stay Dead (1981) 5.4

Lady Stay Dead (1981)

Storyline:Gordon (Chard Hayward) works as a handyman at the Rocky Beach Motel. He proceeds to spy on singer and actress Marie Coleby (Deborah Coulls), who is bad tempered, bossy and constantly barks orders at and bera...

Reverse Runner (2013) 4.3

Reverse Runner (2013)

Storyline:Named after the alternative athletic 'skill' where contestants run backwards into cult-hero 'glory', this big-hearted, small-town comedy centres on 'Kid' Campbell (Dan Cannon) and his dream to emulate his he...

Visitors (2003) 5.2

Visitors (2003)

Storyline:After six months at sea on an unassisted solo circumnavigation, Georgia Perry's 44-foot sloop is becalmed for several days. Cabin fever sets in, and the border between fact and fantasy begins to distort. But...

Fatal Honeymoon (TV Movie 2012) 5.6

Fatal Honeymoon (TV Movie 2012)

Storyline:Based on a true story, Fatal Honeymoon tells the shocking story and controversy surrounding a newlywed who tragically dies on her dream honeymoon and the subsequent investigation as to whether or not her hus...

Red Obsession (2013) 6.7

Red Obsession (2013)

Storyline:For centuries, Bordeaux has assumed a mythical status in the world of fine wine as a leitmotif of wealth, power and influence, but its prosperity has always been linked to the capricious nature of markets an...

Ten Canoes (2006) 7

Ten Canoes (2006)

Storyline:A story within a story. In Australia's Northern Territory, a man tells us one of the stories of his people and his land. It's a story of an older man, Minygululu, who has three wives and realizes that his yo...

Fat Pizza vs. Housos (2014) 5.6

Fat Pizza vs. Housos (2014)

Storyline:After fifteen years, pizza chef Bobo is released from prison. Rent has gone up so the only shop Bobo can afford is in the infamous housing commission suburb of Sunnyvale.User Reviews: It sounded like gold wh...

Down Under (2016) 5.7

Down Under (2016)

Storyline:A black comedy set during the aftermath of the Cronulla riots, it is the story of two carloads of hotheads from both sides of the fight destined to collide.User Reviews: The 2005 Cronulla Race Riots marked d...

Bullet Down Under (1994) 5

Bullet Down Under (1994)

Storyline:Signal One is a fast paced thriller that will have you guess till the very end. A tormented former cop is disenchanted with LA madness and moves to Australia to start afresh. He's drawn into a world of drugs...

Derelict (2017) 5.9

Derelict (2017)

Storyline:Three friends find themselves fighting for their lives when their urban exploration goes horribly wrong.User Reviews: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorit...

The Money Shot (2007) 4.7

The Money Shot (2007)

Watch The Money Shot (2007) full hd online Directed by Anna Brownfield, Lance Petrie. With Elizabeth Anderson, Fiv Antoniou, James Bridekirk, Sarah Brownfield. Carmen has just graduated from her filmmaking course at...

Hunting (1991) 4.6

Hunting (1991)

Watch Hunting (1991) full hd online Directed by Frank Howson. With John Savage, Kerry Armstrong, Jeffrey Thomas, Guy Pearce. An American tycoon goes to the Melbourne where he meets a married secretary.

The 13th Floor (1988) 4.8

The 13th Floor (1988)

Watch The 13th Floor (1988) full hd online Directed by Chris Roache. With Kylie Clare, Tony Blackett, Allen Leong, Matthew Nicholls. As a child, a girl witnesses her father electrocute a young boy. When she grows in...

Death Games (1980) 5

Death Games (1980)

Watch Death Games (1980) full hd online Directed by Ross Dimsey. With Lou Brown, David Clendenning, Jennifer Cluff, Narelle Johnson. A reporter and his girlfriend follow around a famous actor/entrepreneur and discov...

Australien skies (2015) 4.9

Australien skies (2015)

Watch Australien skies (2015) full hd online Directed by Don Meers. With Liam Freaney, Don Meers, Damien John Nott. Australien Skies is a documentary film that explores the sightings of unidentified flying objects a...

Inner Demon (2014) 4.8

Inner Demon (2014)

Watch Inner Demon (2014) full hd online Directed by Ursula Dabrowsky. With Sarah Jeavons, Kerry Ann Reid, Andreas Sobik, Todd Telford. A teenage girl is abducted by a serial killer couple and manages to escape and f...

The BBQ (2018) 4.6

The BBQ (2018)

Watch The BBQ (2018) full hd online Directed by Stephen Amis. With Shane Jacobson, Magda Szubanski, Manu Feildel, Frederik Simpson. Dazza has a passion for barbequing. He accidentally gives his neighbours food poiso...

Blurred (2002) 5

Blurred (2002)

Watch Blurred (2002) full hd online Directed by Evan Clarry. With Tony Brockman, Travis Cotton, Jamie Croft, Jessica Gower. Follows five groups of teenagers as they hit the road for Schoolies Week.

Initiation (1987) 4.7

Initiation (1987)

Watch Initiation (1987) full hd online Directed by Michael Pearce. With Bruno Lawrence, Rodney Harvey, Arna-Maria Winchester, Miranda Otto. After the death of his mother, teenage Danny visits his father Matt Malloy ...

Charlie’s Farm (2014) 4.7

Charlie’s Farm (2014)

Watch Charlie's Farm (2014) full hd online Directed by Chris Sun. With Tara Reid, Nathan Jones, Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley. In an effort to do something different, four friends head into Australia's outback to explor...

The Diamond of Jeru (TV Movie 2001) 5

The Diamond of Jeru (TV Movie 2001)

Watch The Diamond of Jeru (TV Movie 2001) full hd online Directed by Ian Barry, Dick Lowry. With Billy Zane, Paris Jefferson, Keith Carradine, Jackson Raine. Based on Louis L'Amour novel, The Diamond of Jeru tells t...

Hildegarde (2001) 5

Hildegarde (2001)

Watch Hildegarde (2001) full hd online Directed by Di Drew. With Richard E. Grant, Tom Long, Tara Morice, Sam Geer. Three intrepid siblings try to rescue their precious duck from bird smugglers who want to eat it.

Pipe Dream (2015) 4.2

Pipe Dream (2015)

Watch Pipe Dream (2015) full hd online Directed by Aaron Singfield. With Nathan Wright, Chris Schmuttermaier, Robert Griffiths, Mercedes Porter. A story of two wannabe Schoolies on the Gold Coast during a state-wide...

Nightmare at Bittercreek (TV Movie 1988) 5.1

Nightmare at Bittercreek (TV Movie 1988)

Watch Nightmare at Bittercreek (TV Movie 1988) full hd online Directed by Tim Burstall. With Lindsay Wagner, Tom Skerritt, Constance McCashin, Joanna Cassidy. Four vacationing women back-packing in the Sierra mounta...

The Monkey’s Mask (2000) 5.1

The Monkey’s Mask (2000)

Watch The Monkey's Mask (2000) full hd online Directed by Samantha Lang. With Susie Porter, Kelly McGillis, Abbie Cornish, Brendan Cowell. A lesbian private detective dives head first into murder, manipulation and t...

Twisted Minds (2014) 4.5

Twisted Minds (2014)

Watch Twisted Minds (2014) full hd online Directed by James Pentecost. With John Howard, Kyle Morrison, Jessica Hegarty, Georgia Geyer. Local banker Bruno Adani's life is turned upside down when his stepbrother, Gre...

Found Footage (2011) 4.8

Found Footage (2011)

Watch Found Footage (2011) full hd online Directed by Samuel Bartlett, Matt Doran. With Matt Doran, Catherine Farrah, Lisa Fineberg, Alison Gallagher. Live footage found by police of a serial killer who documented, ...