Deception (2008)

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Genre: Crime, Drama, Genre, Mystery

Directorू: Marcel Langenegger

Cast: Michelle Williams, Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman, ,

Released: 2008

Runtime: 107 min

IMDb: 6.1/10

Country: USA

Viewed: 78418


Cat and mouse. Jonathan McQuarry is an auditor in Manhattan, moving from office to office checking their books. While working late, a smooth and well-dressed man named Wyatt Bose chats Jonathan up, offers him a joint, and soon they’re pals. When their cell phones are accidentally swapped, Jonathan answers Wyatt’s phone to a series of women asking if he’s free tonight. Jonathan discovers it’s a sex club: busy powerful people meet each other anonymously in hotels. Jonathan falls for one of the club members, whom he knows only as “S,” whom he’s also seen on a subway. When she goes missing, patterns emerge and Jonathan faces demands involving violence and lots of money.
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  • kevin_crighton 1 week ago

    Good performances, but predictable plot twists.

  • seawalker 1 week ago

    Mostly rubbish

  • 3xHCCH 1 week ago

    “Derailed” All Over Again

  • dilbertsuperman 1 week ago

    Great looking people in a terrible, terrible movie.

  • Smells_Like_Cheese 1 week ago

    “Are you free tonite? Wanna see a sexy and erotic thriller that will leave you with goosebumps?”

  • filmtravel101 1 week ago

    Great Acting but HORRIBLE ending.. and hard to swallow movie

  • kosmasp 1 week ago

    Erotic? Thriller? Suspense? Where?

  • Siamois 1 week ago

    Same old, same old…

  • moonspinner55 1 week ago

    Unappetizing wallow…a sexed-up cell-phone thriller about as familiar as its title

  • claudio_carvalho 1 week ago

    When the Title Summarizes the Whole Movie

  • pdalby-1 1 week ago

    Insomniac Relief

  • Dillin2603 1 week ago

    Not any of the actors best.

  • Seersha1 1 week ago

    Not great, not bad, but mostly boring

  • bobaslave 1 week ago

    Title of this movie reflects reality!

  • rajdoctor 1 week ago


  • Adam0001 1 week ago

    You’ll be thoroughly entertained! as long as you don’t expect to much.

  • tv00bjp 1 week ago

    Why would they make this

  • Chris_Docker 1 week ago

    A basic instinct not quite dressed to kill

  • drylungvocalmartyr 1 week ago

    Doomed to be forgotten

  • fallyhag 1 week ago

    This film is so dull and predictable it makes you wait for a superb twist…that doesn’t come!

  • DICK STEEL 1 week ago

    A Nutshell Review: Deception

  • Red_Flag 1 week ago

    Jackman and McGregor, in the least gripping thriller ever.

  • dbborroughs 1 week ago

    For those who don’t regularly watch films with twist endings all other will be struck with disbelief

  • Lando_Hass 1 week ago

    Pretty much exactly what you would expect