Uakari: Secrets of the English Monkey (2009)

Watch Uakari: Secrets of the English Monkey (2009) full movie

Genre: Documentary, Genre

Director: Peter von Puttkamer

Casts: ,

Released: 2009

Runtime: 48 min

IMDb: 6.8/10

Country: Canada

Views: 86641


Biologist Mark Bowler travels to Lago Preto, Peru to study and protect the rare Red Uakari monkey. We follow Mark through dry and wet seasons in this pristine Amazon jungle preserve. Here the Red Uakari monkeys feed on the Aguaje Palm, known by locals as the “Tree of Life”. As they eat, they drop the fruit and feed many other animals in the forest. The film has a simple but strong message: Save the monkey and you save the forest. Cut down it’s trees and you destroy the ecosystem.
Written by
Peter von Puttkamer

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