Raging Boll (2010)

Watch Raging Boll (2010) full movie

Genre: Biography, Documentary, Genre

Director: Dan Lee West

Cast: Chance Minter, Richard Kyanka, Uwe Boll, ,

Released: 2010

Runtime: 85 min

IMDb: 5.7/10

Country: Canada

Viewed: 108651


Widely recognized as the planet’s worst film director, Uwe Boll embarks on a quest to conquer Hollywood and take vengeance upon the film fanatics striving to destroy him. Filmed over three years on and off the set, ‘Raging Boll’ is a walk in the shoes of a man people love to hate.
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  • The_Phantom_Projectionist 1 month ago

    “They think they can change reality if they bash somebody”

  • Badgertown 1 month ago

    Interesting look into Uwe’s life and career as well as a sobering look into the inherent patheticness of internet critics.