Ghett’a Life (2011)

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Genre: Action, Drama, Genre

Director: Chris Browne

Cast: O'Daine Clarke, Kevoy Burton, Winston Bell, ,

Released: 2011

Runtime: 104 min

IMDb: 6.8/10

Country: Jamaica

Viewed: 158005


Ghetto teenager Derrick longs to be a professional boxer and represent Jamaica at the Olympics, but the gym that will make him a contender is in the opposing ‘garrison’ community, which means he has to risk his life in order to follow his dream. Ghett’a Life explores the hypocrisy of Jamaican politics, as power crazy ‘dons’, manipulate MPs and kill anyone who refuses to obey them.
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Public on December 3, 2019

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  • tom-887-510436 3 days ago

    Top draw conscious movie, big up Lennox and the caste!

  • reperioca 3 days ago

    This movie deserves a wider audience