Alien Battlefield (2013)

Watch Alien Battlefield (2013) full movie

Genre: Action, Genre

Director: Thomas Dixon

Casts: Joshua DesRoches, Maria Aceves, Clint Hummel, ,

Released: 2013

Runtime: 87 min

IMDb: 3.1/10

Country: USA

Views: 196155


On a desperate quest to find her missing brother, Marianna reluctantly picks up a mysterious stranger with no memory, John. Together they must get to a rendezvous point on the west coast where a shadowy figure awaits them. Unbeknownst to them a black-ops splinter cell team is tracking John. They send in special agent Thomas Dockins, a highly trained and brainwashed military assassin, to kill John and the woman he is traveling with. As they struggle for their lives, John and Marianna discover that they are caught in the middle of a sinister extra-terrestrial plot.
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