The Club (2015)

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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Genre, Mystery

Director: Pablo Larraín

Cast: Antonia Zegers, Roberto Farías, Alfredo Castro, ,

Released: 2015

Runtime: 98 min

IMDb: 7.2/10

Country: Chile

Viewed: 121280


Four Catholic Priests, now excommunicated, share a secluded house in a small coastal house of Chile, where they are are supposed to atone for their sins. Their quiet routine, placed under the supervision of Mother Mónica (Antonia Zegers), is disturbed by the coming of a fifth man. The newcomer, a pedophile, appears as a most unwelcome reminder of their own tainted lives.
Written by
Guy Bellinger

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  • punishable-by-death 1 week ago

    A film that needed to be made

  • Brap-2 1 week ago

    TIFF 2015 — The Club: Exposing evil through brutal honesty

  • samandor-15781 1 week ago

    Beauty in ugliness, and ugliness in beauty

  • SquigglyCrunch 1 week ago

    An Engaging Story Told with a Mix of Disturbance and Discomfort

  • jtncsmistad 1 week ago

    The price is dear and the rewards are few for members of “The Club”

  • Ricardo_Ruales 1 week ago

    Crude and important!

  • angelsunchained 1 week ago

    Bizarre and difficult to watch

  • ReganRebecca 1 week ago

    A club you don’t want to belong to

  • christopher-underwood 1 week ago

    Grim but essential viewing for anyone not fully aware of just how terrible and just how widespread and all consuming these practices were (are!!).

  • t-dooley-69-386916 1 week ago

    Disturbing and visceral film making from Chile

  • EdgarST 1 week ago

    An Eye for an Eye

  • chriscrosdale 1 week ago

    Portrait of Sexual and Emotional Trauma.

  • logatherum 1 week ago

    Confusing, but still good

  • Reno-Rangan 1 week ago

    A club for the rare kind, but nowadays the numbers on the rise.

  • f-15520 1 week ago

    Liberal Propaganda