40 Nights (2016)

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Genre: Drama, Genre

Director: Jesse Low

Cast: Taymour Ghazi, Rance Howard, DJ Perry, ,

Released: 2016

Runtime: 88 min

IMDb: 2.9/10

Country: USA

Viewed: 144215


“40 Nights” is the first of the QUEST TRILOGY – films sharing alike themes of sacrifice and faith. These films focus on less known events from the biblical age. The first film examines the pre-ministry life of Jesus (DJ Perry) starting with his baptism with John the Baptist (Terry Jernigan). From there Jesus embarks on his self- exploration journey into the wilderness for 40 nights. He is tempted by the Devil thrice in various forms. Audiences will be treated to a stronger portrayal of Jesus that peeks at his childhood and family upbringing. The result is a Jesus that invokes empathy and sheds light on the true magnitude of his sacrifice for mankind.
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