Ladies Book Club (TV Movie 2016)

Watch Ladies Book Club (TV Movie 2016) full movie

Genre: Genre, Romance

Director: Fred Thomas Jr.

Cast: Camilo Chimurenga, Jessica E. Brandon, Lyriq Bent, ,

Released: 2016

Runtime: 88 min

IMDb: 5.3/10


Viewed: 158611


Bunny (Angell Conwell) and Carlyle (Lyriq Bent) are roommates and have been best friends since college. Despite their undeniable attraction for one another, they have managed to keep their friendship platonic. Bunny’s group of friends, including the very outspoken Rona (Elise Neal), plus Bunny’s meddling mother (Jack̩e Harry), would love to see the best friends cross that line once and for all – and they use their Ladies Book Club meetings to try to spark a love connection.

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