Virus Tropical (2017)

Watch Virus Tropical (2017) full movie

Genre: Animation, Biography, Drama, Genre

Director: Santiago Caicedo

Cast: Alejandra Borrero, Martina Toro, María Cecilia Sánchez, ,

Released: 2017

Runtime: 97 min

IMDb: 6.9/10

Country: Colombia

Viewed: 180165


Paola is born in a traditional Colombian family, or at least that is what they try to be. Her father is a priest, her mother is a “psychic” and her sisters are not what their parents expected. She is a young Latin American woman struggling for her independence in a hard context full of stereotypes and appearances not being able to fit in any mold. With a unique feminine vision of the world this girl learns to live while she lives as she witnesses a series of small crises that shape her personality.

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