First Man (2017)

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Genre: Documentary, Genre


Cast: Fred Bobbitt, Jason Barnard, Nadine Adams, ,

Released: 2017

Runtime: 92 min

IMDb: 6.8/10

Country: USA

Viewed: 72423


Which of the great primates of 25 million years ago is our common ancestor? Is it pierolapithecus? In this CuriosityStream original film, follow the journey of primates, developing into homo erectus and then to homo sapiens, through millions of years of evolution and thousands of miles of migrations.
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Public on December 6, 2019

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  • stephanekeil 1 month ago

    Feminist propaganda

  • bcjfac-456-502990 1 month ago

    Non-Scientific, Contains Feminist Propaganda, but Somewhat Fun

  • dbloob 1 month ago

    Great production but filled with BS

  • bairjohn 1 month ago

    I gave it a 5 because it wasn’t a total waste of time…

  • diegop1982 1 month ago

    Great documentary. Motivational and informative

  • ekegoggles 1 month ago

    Could be a an interesting documentary, was ruined by feminist propaganda

  • passions_requiem 1 month ago

    Entertaining but scientifically inaccurate

  • robynhooddavies 1 month ago

    Amazing Dramatization

  • josh-bs-spam 1 month ago

    Not a reality

  • richard-282-435556 1 month ago

    Stories are a bit far fetched, but rather let your imagination run with it

  • parthkpokhriyal 1 month ago

    Scientifically accurate, and extremely well directed and explained

  • random-70778 1 month ago

    “documentary” chock full of nonsense long debunked in the peer reviewed work