The Fearless One (2017)

Watch The Fearless One (2017) full movie

Genre: Action, Genre, Thriller

Director: Jamal Hall

Cast: Marc John Jefferies, Ekow Yankey, Alonzo Herran JR, ,

Released: 2017

Runtime: 105 min

IMDb: 5.6/10

Country: USA

Viewed: 71592


In THE FEARLESS ONE (2017) we are introduced to Cody (Alonzo Herran Jr.), who is a top martial artist that has been focusing on rebuilding his life after a tragic family event. After returning to his hometown in the City of Newark, New Jersey, he tries to live peacefully as a strait-laced working guy who does not look for trouble, but trouble seems to keep finding him. When other unresolved issues of his past come back to haunt him as well as new ones, Cody is faced with the decision of his life. To compete in the gritty world of underground fighting to restore order and honor, or to watch the city crumble and the people he loves suffer at the hands of others who have ill intentions. He must make the ultimate decision to either pack up and leave again, or face his challenges head-on to resolve them to lead a peaceful life.

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